A Little Inspiration 

With all the twirls, spins, ups and downs in life we have to remember we are more than conquerors! It doesn’t matter: the circumstances, how you feel, what you think, we will get through it all.

Often times we forget as Christians that in midst of all we are facing we serve a Mighty God. Everything we are dealing with, God has planned our victory! We are fully equipped for whatever the enemy will throw at us.

Today I encourage you to cling to His Word and know without a doubt, All is well! 

So if you are struggling with weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, guess what? God has planned your victory for that too. There is nothing too big or too small for Him. We often think that  weight loss is too minimal for Him. I beg the differ, food addiction is real, and it’s a spiritual battle that we face day to day. We need to seek His guidance and Wisdom in order for us to truly fight this war.

Seek Him, step out in faith, make changes, you will be victorious! 

Have a blessed day! 

Published by Healthy Spirit

A Lover, Mom, Daughter, Sister, and Spiritual Queen. Sharing my Love, Light and Gifts with humanity. Particularly shining light on these gifts: I have a BA in Complementary and Alternative Health, Certified Nutrition Advisor, Reiki Healer (soon to be Master), and a Certified Meditation Guide. Main contributor to Divine Sisters - Kitchen & Essentials. I enjoy life and all that comes with it! Oh by the way Ma-keesha means LIFE, GOD IS GRACIOUS, IMMENSE JOY, FAVORITE. You see, I was destined for this! Love Peace & Light beautiful beings

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